Farewell for now DIY friends!

Hi All! ⊗

It has been a long few months, working on DIY projects and attending classes. Although I did not make much success with this blog, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about online journalism as well as a creative output for my silly arts and crafts. To those who have been frequent visitors to this blog, by that I mean my mother, I hope you have learned something from my posts! Or at least been hopeful to one day get around to crafting.

One of the most difficult aspects of this blog has been the little time I have to spend on projects. I would love to spend my days painting, knitting scarves and berets, carving linoleum block stamps, but there is simply not enough time. I am also very happy I got to connect with some other DIY bloggers, such as Courtney Chambers. She is a wonderful young lady who has a lot of DIY talent!

One of the most rewarding aspects of this blog has been volunteering, either by building birdhouses or giving back to the town of Glassboro. I recently learned about a group of ladies in my hometown who knit hats for babies born prematurely at the Jersey Shore Medical Center. Once I finish my finals and move back to my home in Belmar, I plan to knit a few hats to donate.

I will try to post over the well needed break so come back and check out what I’m up to this summer!

A little throw back to my volunteering at Back to the Boro. Photo credit Dakota Burr

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