Birdhouses for Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Hi All! ⊗

This week I volunteered with the Rowan University Honors Student Organization to build birdhouses! The birdhouses cost about five dollars each and every birdhouse will be donated to the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford, New Jersey. Upperclassman advisor Justin Laven, a junior mechanical engineer, ran the event and picked up all the supplies.

Also in attendance was freshman civil engineer Christina Parilla, freshman civil engineer Jake Stangle and double major in music and political science Emerald Sheay.

One of the great advantages of DIY projects is allowing those projects to be apart of volunteer service. I am so glad I could participate with such a wonderful group on Rowan campus! For a full view of my birdhouse building skills check out my interview with upperclassman advisor of the HSO below!



One thought on “Birdhouses for Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

  1. Fantastic job done by all that volunteered for the Cedar Run Wildlife project. The time & efforts by such caring individuals to preserve natures wildlife is to be commended. Their actions began with just one kind act to benefit many.


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