Craft Talk: The In’s and Out’s of Craft Shows with Gina Mackiewicz!

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Have you ever wanted to join craft shows or try selling your own handmade items? Craft shows are one of the best ways to showcase your homemade crafts! Regina Mackiewicz, long-time crafter and full-time mother from Middletown, New Jersey, explains the ups and downs of getting your handmade items out to potential buyers.

Craft shows are just one way you can meet potential buyers. Online shopping sites, such as Etsy and eBay, are also great tools to use when selling your DIY goods. From handmade jewelry to a one of a kind pin featuring Bernie Sanders cuddling a cat, Etsy allows you to sell whatever you decide to craft.

Check out my audio interview below with Gina, who explains where she gets her inspiration to craft from and how craft shows operate.

Regina Mackiewicz poses for a photo. Photo credit: Mackieknitz 



To check out some cool items Gina Mackiewicz has made, visit her store on Etsy!